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Crazy FF Collector

Square-Enix would be happy to see this.

Final Fantasy Collection: Level Omega

Crisis Core English Clip

Crisis Core Ultimania

Got this in the mail today. Brief impressionCollapse )

FFXIII & Versus New Trailer [CLOUD]



1 アサヒる
2 スイーツ(笑)
3 ゆとり
4 ニコニコ動画
5 Nice Boat
6 初音ミク
7 自宅警備員
8 アッー!
9 KY
10 ニコ厨
11 そんなの関係ねぇ
12 自重
14 どんだけ~
15 でっていう
16 やらないか
17 常考
18 オザワる
19 滝川ルネッサンス
20 なんぞこれ
21 リア充
22 購入厨
23 オプーナ
24 アベする
25 はたけフリーズ


FFIVDS Staff Blog

Original Source: Final Fantasy IV DS Official Staff Blog

1. Voice-off mode: you can turn voices off completely in the option screen.
2. Event skip: in case you just died in a boss fight and don't care about watching a FMV twice...
3. Event Theater (+jukebox): mini anime-style side illustrations/stories once you clear certain missions/events. Examples: The Red Wings, Cecil's Dilemma, etc.
4. Mini games: there is math! Wifi is also enabled so you can play in groups.
5. Ability settings: you can customize and include specific magic/item/command for your battle screen even in the Active mode.

FFIVDS Last Trailer

Interesting PS3 Experiment

Playing games with PlayStation3 in a ***** for 108 hours...

Testing Environment
1. Highest temperature = 49 degrees Celsius (Sauna room)
2. Lowest temperature = 0 degrees Celsius (Fridge)
3. Normal temperature = 23 degrees Celsius (living room)

Result for #1: The poor console started to smell horribly after 64 hours but kept functioning w/o problem until the end.
Result for #2: The screen blacked out shortly before the test reached 100th hour. However, only because the Blue Ray disc was frozen - the console itself functioned without problem.
Result for #3: No problem throughout except for approximately 20 seconds of side vibration.

The producer's conclusion: If you'd like to destroy your PS3 one day, please do so physically with a hammer!!